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  1. After that, few years past the earthquake, our state still suffer from the amazingly increasing disaster, whether man-made or naturally happened. Thus, we started to face several problems that hit the point that our salvage system is totally a mess-up.

  而正在 921大地动产生后的几年下来,邦内於遭遇各样自然灾荒或人工灾荒上亦如雪花般地有加剧之形象,如地动、火警以及巨大不测事项等屡次连续,致使於很众相合防灾、救灾的题目也所以纷纷浮上台面,个中最令人诟病的,即是正在於城市救灾系统的絮乱,致使於上下疲於奔命,罅隙百出。

  2. The administration of Kaohsiung metropolitan contains an area of 2947 km^2 includes both Kaohsiung city and county. Highly weathered geological formation, uneven distributions of rainfall intensity, steep geomorphology and intensive human activities have been identified as the predominant factors contributing to the environmental disasters of communities in the Kaohsiung slopeland in southern Taiwan.


  3. Through terracing of rainfed area of 72, 272 mu, 57, 921 households benefited from improved crop production.


  4. Effect of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium on yield and quality of Echinacea purpurea


  5. In this study, we evaluate the seismic capacity of the 69KV transmission tower established by Taiwan Power Company. Seismic force is calculated according to the JIS and domestic code. SAP 2000 structural analysis program and related domestic experimental results are used for buckling and pushover analyses in order to ensure the accuracy. After that, load combinations are applied on the 69KV transmission tower 921是什么意思 921在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解释发音同义词反义词例句相关 to find out its buckling loads and pushover limit load. The 921 horizontal earthquake force, the minimum seismic force calculated by code, and the limit base shear analyzed by SAP2000 are compared in order to discuss the safety of tower structures.


  6. In 921 earthquake, I and my girlfriend are together.


  7. I heard about the 921 earthquake in Taiwan.


  8. In the 921 earhtquake, I and my girlfriend together. we are


  9. It awarded China National $10, 718, 921 plus interest.


  10. It left 17, 921 missing, more than 374, 000 injured and at least 15 million people displaced.


  11. A lot of people are still suffering from the aftermath of the 921 earthquake.


  12. Earthquake in Taiwan caused by heavy losses, Pinus thunbergii company always been hungry people hunger, love, generous assistance to the affected areas, and establish enterprises to benefit the society a good example.


  13. The resulting volume correction coefficient K was compared. It was found that varying difference exists between the national standard method and ISO standard method.


  14. 921是什么意义

  14. Dynamic behavior of buildings under earthquakes should be considered in the process of design.


  15. Qualified Certificates:2002 Received the Second-Class Oral Examiner Qualification Certificate of PETS2003 Received the First-Class Teacher of English Certificate2004 Received the Second-Class Teacher of Chinese Certificate2005 Received GD Primary Vocation School of English Assistant Lecturer Qualified Certificate------------------------------.


  16. This paper provide the detailed investigations which will be useful for the maintenance or construction for harbor engineering.


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  17. Field observations after 921 earthquake show that the irregular basement has serious damage because of amplification of ground motion.


  18. The 921 Earthquake sparked her interest in becoming a seismologist.


  19. Research of Parameters Match, Optimization and Simulation for Power System of Hybrid Electric Bus


  20. 921

  20. Since 1以921, her birthday has been the centerpiece of National Hospi 北美枫风 tal Week, observed in British and American hospitals with sp 北美文学网 ecial e u xhib 邦 itions, workshops, and publicity drives.

  1921年以后,她的寿辰继续是英美世界病院周的中央实质,各病院都正在这中一周举办尤其的展览、接洽 yn 会和宣 l 传举止。

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