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  1. Ten types of amorphous soft magnetic material s based on Fe, Co and Ni were investigated.


  2. Yangzhou Phoenix Island Eco-tourist Co., Ltd.


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  3. The focus of real estate: as you and your co-operation between Wal-Mart, in fact, is full of trials of strength?


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  4. Moreover, it will re-examine the traditional three monopoly behaviors, stress their regulatory system standards, and discuss whether they are conducive to economic and social development, whether they can co-ordinate better balance between kinds of interests, in particular the human rights and consumer care. At the same time, it will make analysis regulations and countermeasures.


  5. The 2006 China Human Resources Summit, co-sponsored by NTCC, China HR Salon and Human Resources magazine, will be held both in Beijing Jing Guang Center and Shanghai Hua Ting Hotel in the meantime.


  6. This paper introduced the study and result of the application of Mother liquid in the Vacuum salt industry on the Cleaner production technique of Co-production of salt and sodium sulfate.


  7. Co

  7. Carim Engineering Corporation is a transnational corporation serving Hi-tech enterprise in the world.

  嘉利机器装置有限公司(Carim China Co。,Ltd。)是一家任职于天下高新身手家当的跨邦企业。

  8. danci.911cha.com

  8. Endeavor in the Qian Heng people look forward to working with your co-operation to create a better future.


  9. Shanghai double hook Ribbon Co., Ltd. is willing to become your trusted partner, hand in hand to create brilliant tomorrow.


  10. To analyze the health examination results of 2603 intellectuals of 35~55 years old in Baotou Steel Rare-Earth Hi-Tech Co., Ltd, and understand the prevalence and risk factors of hypertension in this population.

  宗旨 通过对包头钢铁稀土集团公司2603名35~55岁的学问分子体检结果的理解,解析该人群的高血压的患病率及其危机身分。



  12. CICO Engineering Co., Ltd.

  德邦捷高机器工程有限公司 2718

  13. We will try to find ESS as a solution of MOPs using our game model based co-evolutionary algorithm, which based on coarse-grain parallel model.


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  14. The Beijing Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is an independent legal personality of the economic entity.


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  15. If you strike false science, false science will strike you, says Guo Zhengyi, a science writer and a co-organizer of one foundation.


  16. If you strike falsescience, false science will strike you, says Guo Zhengyi, a science writer and a co-organizer of one foundation.


  17. Immunohistofluorescent staining was used to identify the binding specificity of GEBP11 in gastric cancer tissues. 5. GEBP11 was labeled with ~(99)Tc~mO_4~- using direct labeling method, and was labeled with ~(131)I using NBS labeling method. Then the labeled peptides were validated for radiochemical yield, specific activity, and in vitro. stability. 6. The bioactivity of ~(99)Tc~m-GEBP11 or ~(131)I-GEBP11 was validated by cell receptor autoradiography in cultured HUVECs. 7. Receptor binding assay was performed in vitro. to analyze quantitatively the binding specificity and affinity of GEBP11 to HUVEC, the receptor intensity on HUVEC, and the difference of affinity of GEBP11 binding to Co-HUVEC and HUVEC. 8. The radioactivity of all organs of nude mice injected with ~(131)I-GEBP11 was determined and the radioactivity of all organs per g was calculated to analyze the specific distribution of ~(131)I-GEBP11.9. Gamma camera images of nude mice bearing tumor xenografts of human gastric carcinoma injected with ~(99)Tc~m-GEBP11 was obtained 0.5-24 h after being injected to identify the targeting ability of labeled peptide to tumor tissues. 10. MTT assay on HUVECs and antitumor assay in nude mice bearing tumor xenografts of human gastric cancer were performed to evaluate the effects of ~(131)I-GEBP11 on HUVECs and xenografts. 11. Immunohistochemical staining was used for MVD counting in tumor. 12. H. E. staining, blood cells analysis and blood biochemical indicator analysis were performed to investigate the injury of liver and bone marrow. 13. Tube formation assay in matrigel, CAM angiogenesis assay and angionenesis induced by matrigel in mice were performed to identify the effects of GEBP11 on angiogenesis.

  1、通过蓝色噬斑造成试验及GEBP11、IN11噬菌体正在荷瘤裸鼠体内的竞赛抑止试验检测噬菌体体内归巢的特异性;2、免疫荧光身手检测GEBP11正在荷瘤裸鼠体内的连结特异性;3、免疫细胞化学或荧光检测GEBP11正在Co-HUVECs中的定位及内化;4、免疫结构荧光检测GEBP11正在人胃癌结构中的连结特异性;5、采用直接法~(99)Tc~mO_4~-标志GEBP11,采用NBS法~(131)I标志GEBP11,纸层析法测定标志率、放射化学纯度等;6、放射自显影占定GEBP11同位素探针的连结活性;7、受体放射配基连结理解试验占定受体亲和力及受体细胞密度;8、同位素示踪身手检测~(Co是什么意思 Co在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解释发音同义词反义词例句相关词131)I-GEBP11正在荷瘤裸鼠体内的生物学散布;9、SPECT成像身手举办荷人胃癌裸鼠体内~(99)Tc~m-GEBP11显像;10、MTT细胞增殖试验、荷瘤鼠抑瘤试验评议~(131)I-GEBP11对内皮细胞及荷瘤鼠肿瘤的抑止才气;11、免疫结构化学染色计数瘤结构MVD;12、病理学HE染色、血液血细胞理解及生化目标检测观测肝脏毁伤及骨髓抑止状况;13、Matrigel管状组织造成试验、鸡胚绒毛尿囊膜血管天生抑止试验、小鼠体内Matrigel Plug诱导血管天生试验理解GEBP11对血管天生的影响;14、MTT细胞增殖试验、细胞周期及凋亡理解、细胞侵袭迁徙试验、细胞粘附试验探求GEBP11抑止血管天生的细胞机制;15、基因外达谱芯片身手筛选GEBP11短肽感化Co-HUVECs后的分别外达基因。

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  18. W4C01 Ningbo Beidi Synchronous Belt Co., Ltd.


  19. NINGBO BEIDINingbo Beidi Synchronous Belt Co., Ltd.


  20. Ningbo Beidi Synchronous Belt Co., Ltd.


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