阿雅有偿服务是什么意思 有偿服务在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解释发音

阿雅有偿服务是什么意思 有偿服务在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解释发音

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  1. 保障性住房中的廉租房和经济适用房用地实行划拨供应,并按规定减免相关费用,但对于配套建设的商业、服务业等经营性设施用地,必须实行有偿使用。

  The protection of low-cost housing in the housing and economic implementation of the allocation of housing land supply, and costs associated with the provisions of relief, but for supporting the construction of commercial, business and facilities services space, must be paid to use.

  2. 公司发展的宗旨是:通过无偿的公益宣传,有偿的为企业服务,实现共同发展,达到双赢。

  Companys development objective is: the public welfare through the free publicity, paid for business services, realize common development and achieve win-win situation.

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  3. 有偿为客户提供客户资源开发,阿雅市场调查,竞争品牌分析,顾问咨询,教育培训等商业服务

  Stipendiary Business Service: customer resource development, investigation of market, analysis of products brand, consultant and education training etc.

  4. 有偿工作;有报酬的工作;有薪雇佣;有偿服务。

  A paying job; remunerative work; salaried employment; stipendiary services.

  5. 有偿服务

  5. eturbonewstraveltelegram 是一种有偿服务,个别的商业讯息传递给选择-在邮寄名单,或部分所界定的地理区域或专业界,并相互参照,向为主题的服务上文所述,为随后的搜索和参考。

  ETurboNewsTravelTelegram is a paid-for service of inpidual commercial messages delivered to the opt-in mailing list or to segments defined by geographical region or professional sector, and cross-referenced to the themed services described above for subsequent search and reference.

  6. 911查询·英语单词

  6. 常驻代表机构不能直接从事经营活动和其他有偿性质的中介服务。

  None of the permanent delegate organizations are permitted to engage in profit-seeking activities or act as other kinds of charged agents.

  7. 目前全省县以上公卫机构财政拨款仅占机构总支出的20%,约有一半左右的人员工资靠有偿服务创收来解决。

  The need of urban and rural residents for medical and health care services cant be met to the full.

  8. 同时我们的合作承运商也提供有偿组装服务。

  We can also help you to build your furniture in your home for a small fee.

  9. 淄博分类妈妈网消息今天一网民来电咨询关于淄博保安公司的相关问题:我知道淄博市保安公司是由淄博市公安局筹建,经山东省公安厅和淄博市人民政府批准成立的向社会提供有偿专业化安全防范服务的特殊企业。我是淄博张店的,据我所知,淄博张店分局保安公司汽车租赁办公室常年对外出租各种车辆,我想租一辆车,其他地方不敢去,所以来问问保安公司都有什么车对外出组?淄博分类妈妈网客户服务人员在接到你这个问题后,就你提出的问题特意咨询了淄博万事通后给予回复

  Zibo classifies mother the net customer service personnel after receiving your this question, you proposed after the question has consulted the Zibo know-it-alls, specially gives the reply: Corporation has Audi A6L, A6, the handkerchief sutter, the collar to drive a horse, the Iraqi Rand, snow Ferlan, water chestnut commander-in-chief, Polo, Sangtana 2000, 3000, Jieda, diesel oil Jieda, comes, passenger vehicles and so on Zola chart, Ailishe valuable; Has Buick, * Honda, Toyota, standard Ruisi, the auspicious wind, to be in fashion and so on commerce; Has the gold cup, five water chestnuts, Chang An, the east wind well-off and so on large, medium and small bread; Has luxurious vehicle types and so on bus, ordinary bus, China and Pakistan, public transportation.

  10. 现在,因为自信,立佳人打破传统,率先在全行业内为客户承诺免费两年品质保证,终身有偿服务。

  Now, because confidence, legislative beauty break with tradition, the first in the industry-wide commitment to customers free of charge for two years, quality assurance, life-long paid services.

  11. 有偿服务

  11. 我们这个城市大约90%的电视观众都办理了有偿收看有线电视的服务项目。

  E. g.- About 90 percent of the television viewers in our city subscribed to cable television.

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  12. V0TQ{ q%xCm71第五十五条以专业知识和专门技能为客户提供有偿服务的专业服务机构,可以设立为特殊的普通合伙企业。

  Article fifty professional knowledge and expertise to provide paid services for the customers of major service providers, may be established for the special general partner enterprises.

  13. 有偿服务的反义词

  13. 根据厂家之合同规定,非污水泵本身质量问题,如经排查、检测确定是在使用中人为造成的堵塞、水泡、机体外壳损坏等情况,均为有偿服务。

  Situation such as jamming, blister, shell of economy mangled which are make sure that are artificial making, but it is not the quality problem of sewage pump, the repairing have to be payed, according to the contract of factory.

  14. 支持行业协会积极参与活动的有偿服务。

  To support trade associations active in the activities of paid services.

  15. 消费是享用有偿提供的商品和服务,使人的需要得到满足的行为。

  Summary: Consumption is the behavior which gains the charged commodity and service and satisfies the demands of people.

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  16. 但无论如何,河南省物业管理已向前迈进了一大步,通过财产,以提高招标旨在水平的物业管理服务,监督物业管理公司提供优质的服务符合价格,并指导业主的物业管理公司正确判断的服务质量,树立等价有偿的消费概念。

  But no matter what, Henan property management has been a major step forward, through the property in order to improve the tender aimed at the level of property management services, supervision of property management companies to provide quality services in line with prices, and guide the owners of property management companies correctly judged the quality of services, establish the equivalence concept of paid consumer.

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  17. 有偿的物资和服务的收入用来资助这些项目的生存。

  Goods and services are sold for a prise to help this program for survive.

  18. 有偿服务的解释

  18. 优秀导游服务(有偿服务,我们提供的是优秀导游,能够根据您的喜好提供个性化的讲解和相关服务、而不仅仅是带路的人员,请不要拿素质低下的野马比较

  Outstanding tour guide paid-service, base on your own preferences, we provide you the best scenic introduction and other tourist service, not only showing you the direction.

  19. 在那些服务提供者与服务使用者之间有直接联系的地方,生态有偿服务系统最容易建立,这就是为什么许多早期的例子多是关于流域管理和供水方面的。

  Watershed land managers. Market force helps encourage more efficient and more sustainable delivery of environmental services, in this case improved management of watershed lands.

  20. 从2004年开始,国内各商业银行纷纷参照国外商业银行的做法,对银行产品进行有偿服务。

  Through consulting the method of the foreign commercial bank since 2004, every domestic commercial bank has been carrying on the paid service to the bank products.

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